on most days i impart irrelevant information. on good days, i write.

hello there! thank you for dropping by – blogging isn’t as easy as it is made out to be and i’m grateful for all my readers, regular or otherwise.

 is an anagram of my name – sukriti, if you’ve been wondering.
i’m in the first year of college, and i’m studying literature at lady shri ram college for women, in new delhi, india. i also study a fair bit of psychology, which i opted for as my generic elective.
i’ve always loved words and i like to think i’m a good writer, may be not so articulate in person, however. witty conversations and good humour (or even well placed dark humour, for that matter) are what i live for. i think a lot of things and the meaning behind most of my work stems from a single strand of thought floating in my brain.
i have a habit of going on a hiatus abruptly, so forgive me if i do – i am consciously trying not to, though, so i really hope you appreciate my efforts as well;
2018 will be a year of more words, water and love
it’ll be three hundred and sixty-five days of improvement and growth, o
f writing and reading, of loving and sharing

ps: if you’re irked by the purposely lower case typing, i do understand but i’m not really sorry since i find that it is not only more symmetric (and hence, pleasing to my eyes) but also that it’s gentle, soft and small (like me)

places you can reach me/get to know more about me:

  • for professional purposes, my e-mail ID is sukritilakhtakia@gmail.com
  • at college, i’m a columnist for the english department’s online (as well as academic) journal “Jabberwock”; my column is titled Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (linked to the latest issue!)
  • photography is a recurring hobby of mine, a glimpse of which you can find on my instagram, @sukritique
  • my twitter, for my random thoughts, worries, rhymes and outbursts, is @riutski
  • my tumblr, new and recently furnished, is my aesthetic baby, @lalalunch
  • when i was thirteen, i wrote a cheesy short story on wattpad which has, for some absurd reason, got over 250,000 reads; as it may be, i’m not overly comfortable sharing it – it has got a lot of flaws, enough stereotypes for me to be ashamed and is way too cliché – and yet i don’t have the heart (nor the time to edit, and it requires a lot of editing) to take it down since it was, in fact, the result of my first creative efforts. although, if you’re really keen and would perhaps like to read it, you can ask me for it!