on diwali


w i s h
a l l  y o u  
l o v e l y  p e o p l e
a  v e r y  h a p p y
d i w a l i
On this day, the Indian skies seem a little brighter, a little happier. Down below, we awake with spirit and joy, warm wishes on the tips of our tongues. Today, we clean and rid every crevice of specks of dust that have mistakenly made themselves at home. We adorn our plain, bare bodies with colourful and grand robes, one more beautiful than the other;
Family and friends eat together, dining on the spread of all our missed memories.
Bright faces, twinkle in our eyes, our lips never failing to turn upside down;
We join our palms and bow our heads, grateful for all the good this year,
grateful for all the good fortune that is yet to come into our lives
and grateful for all the little good in this terrible world.
Today while half the world is celebrating darkness,
here we are, adorning our homes and
our lives with beautiful,
guiding lights.

(boy, this arrangement took a while)


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