what ifs

“a labyrinth of sorts” (spin off type of thing)

you scourge my mind;
you weaken my heart,
you leave me noticeably blind.

you emerge in the form of gentle quivers –
just a couple of ughs and i can’ts; but
once you assume the shape of tremors
i’m unsure how to come out of the pit i’ve dug.

you’ve got some nerve, you
to enter my territory and not yours,
and catch me completely off guard,
it’s as if you want to throw me off course
and flee only once life seems terribly hard;

you instill this insane sense of urgency,
one that makes me pull out my hair; one that
makes me act unbelievably hasty;
when it’s hard to win a wink of sleep,
with you constantly lurking on my mind,
that’s when i know, i’m in too deep.

what am i to do?
when my heart is on its knees,
when my mind is hopelessly lost,
when my body unnecessarily exhausted;
all because of a petty negative thought?
a labyrinth of sorts,
my mind craves directions.



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