a feeling of frightening unfamiliarity –
i’ve forgotten how to breathe deeply,
and all i do is gasp and wheeze;
with what ifs constantly plaguing my mind,
my heart refusing to simmer down;
i ask innocently, “what is inner peace?” 

a feeling of disturbing disequilibrium –
my eyes haven’t seen darkness for a long while,
soft, clear skin crowded by unsought eruptions;
i frustratingly dishevel my hair, only to have them
tear and fall into my hands in submission;
i ask desperately, “where do i find inner peace?”

a feeling of comforting consolation –
a tender hand on my slouched shoulder,
and a loving caress on my crinkled forehead;
an empathetic smile accompanied by kind words,
the flicker of a light seen in the tunnel underneath;
i say bravely, “i know inner peace.”

a feeling of calming  i n n e r  p e a c e
slow and even breaths, no signs of struggle;
disparaging what ifs, replaced by confident i cans;
the only unfamiliar feeling now: sleepless nights;
happy skin, healthy locks and a strong heart;
i say humbly, “i have inner peace.”

a feeling of frightening familiarity –
his hunched shoulders and tired eyes,
traces of dried tears tainting his sad face;
i touch his right shoulder gently,
and lightly clasp his trembling hand in mine;
i say carefully, “let me show you inner peace.”


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