the home, a house

w h e n
endearing chatter & loud murmurs
are replaced by
deafening silences & soft whispers

w h e n
loving caresses & forehead kisses
are reduced to
accidental brushes & hesitant eye contact

w h e n
the carefree atmosphere & relieving comfort
is defeated by
troubled glances & recurring heartache

w h e n
effort to make amends & mutual understanding
is conquered by
dishonest apologies & pretend empathy

w h e n
involuntary smiles & reasons to return
are crippled by
stinging tears & excuses to leave

the home starts to feel like a house.



8 thoughts on “the home, a house

  1. That’s very well put.
    I tried to see what your nose looked like, but the image is too small, so I can’t make a reassuring remark, and anyway, even if I did like your nose, it wouldn’t change the way you feel about it. 🙂

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