I'm slightly hedonistic and writing makes me happy

(verse 1: excuses)

Don’t blame him, it was

something repulsive that he had seen

(in miami was it?) that fuelled his decision

to give them competition; to do something

more unsavoury than they had been.

(verse 2: when)

The month of the summer solstice

consisting of the longest day,

but wait, how queer! It gave us two.

When not only did the sun stop moving,

but we found that our hearts did too.

(verse 3: where)

The haven, the place where his enemies did rest

like fish in a barrel, he did; specifically that night,

legally, planned and prepared

took out the competition, the very best, he did.

And now we pray they rest, in peace.

(verse 4: relation)

Oh how I had wished to celebrate with them!

But now it hurts to see my brothers weep,

could I have saved them by tying a rakhi?

my sisters, they apologise for…

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