At the leadership camp, during our extremely emotional session on relationships, we had to write a letter(s) to a S.O in our lives who we were thinking about; I wrote one to my Nani, who was in the ICU fighting for her life. I didn’t burn the letter, nor did I let it float away with river ganga, because I thought someday when she’s better, I’d give it to her myself. She passed away today, and of course I’m upset but I’m happy for her because she was in so much pain. Nani was a lovely person, and she lived all her life like a queen. After days of struggling, she’s found peace, and I’m glad. This picture of her, is my favourite, because she’s at her best – making her famous basin ke ladoo. 

Nani, at her best. 

6 thoughts on “nani.

    1. thank you, you’re kind.
      and yes, she’s making the best basin ke ladoo in the entire world, here. ❤

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