a dent on my face

Using today’s writing prompt “Scars” (by the Daily Post) most bloggers are probably going to end up writing something extremely sad and dark (which is fine, you should vent tbh); but since I’m in the mood I’ve written an anecdote about this funny incident that happened with me and landed me with a dent on my face (under my lower lip) which is refusing to fade. 

Disclaimer: It’s not really a poem, it’s more like a re-written version of the song ‘Yellow‘ by Coldplay. (Sing it in the same tune as the song) 

Look at my scar,
look how it taints my face;
You can’t see it from far,
it’s still such a gigantic disgrace.

It came along,
completely unexpected;
And now I’m parodying a song,
please don’t be offended. 

So let me tell you my tale,
it involves a great, big fail;
And it was pretty embarrassing.
(i didn’t find a rhyming word, sue me)

I was watching,
a show on my laptop,
that was turned
sideways on my bed;
Then I sneezed,
and it fell on my face,
yes, there’s still a dent on my face. 

PS: My friend sang it for me! It came out pretty well, hah. Check it out – A Dent On My Face ft. my dog


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