d i s s o c i a t e

S t e p.  S t e p.  S t u m b l e.  S t e p.

It’s been a long day, long enough for two

but lived by just one.

Her eyes are warm, hazel and attractive;

hers scream diabolical, dark and vindictive.

They’re both one and the same,

one is flesh, the other a shield 

to the buried traumas within concealed.

B l i n k.  S n e e r.  B l i n k.  S n e e r.

She’s cared for, loved and a constant;

she’s unhealthy, a hazard and a flicker,

One that’s becoming stronger and redundant

replacing the smile with a snicker.

Fragile, hurt, home to another her,

her body abused, heart broken by her blood;

but when she assumes command, everything’s a blur. 

T i c k.  T o c k.  T i c k.  T o c k.

She’s been around for several years now

without the knowledge of her host;

clutching onto her mind like a parasite,

she protects her from her childhood ghosts. 

While her hands, soft with slender fingers,

will hold your hand for comfort,

hers will slither around your throat. 


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