A few days back, I was feeling bad and insecure about my elephant size ears. I was whining to my mom, asking her why did I have such big ears even though I knew all the while that I had inherited them from my father. Her answer that day was however, unexpected. She gently said, as if speaking to a five year old and not a sixteen year old, “You’ve got Buddha-like ears, not elephant sized. And that is because you’re the finest listener I know.”

What is it with mothers, that they make you feel so loved and good about yourself? When it comes to us, their children, their patience, love, understanding and support has no bounds. They may not always be the bread winners of the house, but surely, they always win our hearts. Mothers (and fathers) everywhere have hearts bigger than anyone else around. They are our well wishers, our gurus, and our to-go-to person in every situation. You might be thinking I’m a day late in posting a long, filled with gratitude passage for my mother? No, I’m not. Why is it that only yesterday did everyone on my Facebook friend list upload a picture with their mothers, thanking them for all that they have done? Do our mothers deserve our thanks only once in a year for all that they’ve done every day? Wrong. Every day is mother’s day. Every day is also father’s day. Don’t pick a day to express your love, when you could show it everyday.

Happy mother’s day to all the deserving mother figures out there!


5 thoughts on “Ma.

  1. Large ears are associated with wisdom, Which is why Lord Buddha is represented with them. Ears, never stop growing. Therefore the older you become, consequently ears are larger. Thus, hopefully, bringing wisdom. So not only a good listener but a wise one.

    Elephants while their larger ears are to help with flies, around their eyes. Just think of Lord Ganesha. How wise he was accounted to be, courtesy of the Lady Pavarti.

    While it may seem to be a pity to receive such heritage? Really, most men do not notice a woman’s ears. For their eyes are usually fixated on the chest area … ? ;-] Cheers Jamie.

  2. hi sukirti first of all, I’m glad you have such a lovely mother to seek comfort from (my best regards to her!) secondly, I don’t think you understand, you seem rather perfect to me. It’s a bit of a problem, you make me seem shorthanded! I’m sure “nobody’s perfect” as the ever so wise Hannah Montana once said, but damn gurl, you’re pretty close.

    I forbid you from ever belittling yourself (I mean I can’t but hey I can only try to make you see what I see) THIRDLY THO, search for “Colin Morgan” look at his huge ears and his beautiful artfully aesthetic face and tell me you find him even the tiniest bit ugly (or weird). He is weird, endearingly so. And I am so in love with him. As I am with you (platonically ofc). You’re amaze.

    1. hi anushwa since you’re being so kind let me return the favour you superstar; it’s been a good day today but a great one after reading this message of yours. people say ‘flattery gets you nowhere’ but goddamit if one wakes up to a message like this every day – they’ll be reminded of that someone who’s always there to comfort and to make them realise their worth – something that’s given hardly any importance today. in short, you make me crie and blush i hope ur heppy ily2 u baboon PEACE OUT

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