A few days back, I was feeling bad and insecure about my elephant size ears. I was whining to my mom, asking her why did I have such big ears even though I knew all the while that I had inherited them from my father. Her answer that day was however, unexpected. She gently said, as if speaking to a five year old and not a sixteen year old, “You’ve got Buddha-like ears, not elephant sized. And that is because you’re the finest listener I know.”

What is it with mothers, that they make you feel so loved and good about yourself? When it comes to us, their children, their patience, love, understanding and support has no bounds. They may not always be the bread winners of the house, but surely, they always win our hearts. Mothers (and fathers) everywhere have hearts bigger than anyone else around. They are our well wishers, our gurus, and our to-go-to person in every situation. You might be thinking I’m a day late in posting a long, filled with gratitude passage for my mother? No, I’m not. Why is it that only yesterday did everyone on my Facebook friend list upload a picture with their mothers, thanking them for all that they have done? Do our mothers deserve our thanks only once in a year for all that they’ve done every day? Wrong. Every day is mother’s day. Every day is also father’s day. Don’t pick a day to express your love, when you could show it everyday.

Happy mother’s day to all the deserving mother figures out there!

the cheater

The Sun gently told the Sky

“It’s time for me to leave now,

should you be sad,

remember love, I’ll be back 

just as soon

as you say my name.”

The sky deeply sighed, knowing

there was nothing 

she could do.

Her arms felt so empty,

dark, and Sunless.

She mumbled

his name with only the

winds howling

as her answer,

it was far too long a wait.

But soon she was distracted,

like every other night

when her admiring eyes

met the beautiful Moon.

White as a freshly polished pearl,

and his strong glow,

had her completely mesmerised

and his moonlight cast

upon her left her breathless.

She didn’t like this one bit,

and couldn’t fathom

the reason either,

the attraction and the magnetism

she felt towards

someone who never cared.

He wasn’t gentle, nor was

he ever down to Earth.

Only basking in his ever

magnificent beauty. 

Sky felt guilt and remorse,

to find solace in

someone else’s rays,

and couldn’t bear to think

that she was just another cheater

to her lover.